We have run a research to indentify the core characteristics outlined in national athems
What do
national anthems
did we do
did we do it
did we do it
we have completed a comprehensive analysis of textual data extracted from national anthems
national anthems can reveal a lot of information about life in the exact country
to process the data we used nontrivial digital methods
The hypotheses stated
Get familiar with our initial assumptions regarding the data provided in texts
Does religion affect the texts?
The connection between the most popular confession and attitude to God in each country.
Does politics matter?
The interrelation between the country's current political regime and the sentiment of its anthem
Where did the sentiment come from?
The correlation between the country's historical background and the overall sentiment of the anthem
How are the people described?
Accuracy of the characteristics given the nation via the most frequent word in the anthem
How it works
We collected a linguistic corpus of 205 texts of the official versions of national anthems using AntConc
Processing of textual data
To identify the keywords we made word clouds for each text. The most frequent words were the biggest. Then we filtered KWIC (keywords in context) via LancsBox
We gathered the data about the religion, politics, reference to God and the national portrayal (where given)
Lastly, we created interactive maps using the previously processed information from the dataset. For this task, we used Tableau Desktop
Take a look at our maps.
By the way, they are fully interactive!
Which of our assumptions were confirmed:
Religion affects the texts
The mention of God in the text of the anthem depends on the most popular religion in the country. The mention of God in most cases is common for the whole geographic region, not just for a specific country.
Historical background
Countries faced events in history usually reflect this in the general sentiment of the text of the national anthem.
God save the Queen
Most monarchies mention their emperor in the national anthem. It happens more often than in texts of countries where another political regime is set.
Common past remains common
In countries located in a region for which a common history is similar for all countries, people are characterized by the same set of words.
Let's become acquainted
In case you wonder who we are
Evgenia Oganisian
Visualization developer,
ITMO University
Aleksandra Pavlenko
Text miner,
ITMO University
Arezoo Adibeik
PhD in Linguistics,
Lancaster University
Antonina Puchkovskaya
PhD in Cultural studies,
head of DH Center
Contact us:
Digital Humanities Centre
ITMO University,
9 Lomonosova str,
Saint Petersburg, Russia

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